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On the road to 365

Your annual event successfully gathers industry movers & shakers for a few days a year. The business hubs, communities and marketplaces Destination365 enables you to build become the premiere, year-round destinations where everyone can interact, learn, connect, do business, and generate results.

The path to year-round revenue generation

Your current business model relies on billing a core group of loyal exhibitors for booth space during a couple of days each year. Conversely, Destination365 will let you tap into an industry’s entire spend across their total addressable market, which means you’ll open up for the remainder of the year to additional revenue generation opportunities. Even better, a transition to subscription-based revenue streams will provide resilience and protection from market instability.

Built for teams. Made for success.

Events are mostly attended by colleagues working together towards common goals, however the current tools fall short by catering strictly to individual use. Destination365 on the other hand, empowers teams by specifically encouraging and facilitating collaboration on projects, tasks and goals. It equips team members with a powerful suite of collaborative tools that will enable them to easily identify and qualify vendors, products, and closely manage the entire selection process.

Year-round lead generation

Destination365 brings together all stakeholders in an environment highly conducive to doing business, at their convenience, 365/24/7. Vendors will be able to more easily spot opportunities, follow through on them, and generate more sales. Furthermore, by being able to meet and interact all year-round, your participants can much closer to ink deals when they finally meet at your live event.

A CRM system for year-round measurement

Destination365 features a unique CRM module that enables sales teams to identify leads, qualify them, and manage customer relationships. Whether they’re active onsite or online, dashboards provide team members with a single comprehensive view of all sales efforts and results. The result: an accurate demonstration of your event’s full ROI.

Destination365: Where organizers are growing. Embark on the journey with us.

Destination365: Where organizers are growing. Join us.

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