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Interactions, engagement, and deal flow, 365 days a year

Create a year-round destination for vendors and buyers and generate new revenue streams. Destination365’s communities, business hubs, and marketplaces will enable you to build premier destinations where everyone can interact, learn, connect, do business, and generate results—365 days a year.

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Generate year-round revenue streams

Destination365 lets you leverage your core assets and tap into an industry’s entire annual spend—opening you to a full year of additional revenue generation. Subscription-based revenue streams provide resilience and protection from market instability. Vendor-sponsored sessions, additional online events, sponsorship and advertising opportunities also contribute to your bottom line.

  • Marketplace

  • Vendor-sponsored events

  • New targeted virtual events

  • Advertising and sponsorships

  • More vendors & members

Facilitate year-round engagement

Destination365 is highly customizable and features a media-rich and engaging user interface. Participants get access to the most complete feature set anywhere, including advanced AI-powered matchmaking, networking and recommendations as well as:

  • Appointments management

  • Advanced messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • Classification by channels & tags

  • Interactive, live & on-demand content

  • Session moderation

  • Q&A, live polling, and surveys

  • Discussion groups

  • Interactive poster sessions

  • Surveys & micropolls

  • Global activity dashboards

Built for teams. Made for success. Year round.

Destination365 empowers teams by helping them manage their workflow and facilitating collaboration on projects, tasks and goals. It equips team members with a powerful suite of collaborative tools that enables them to easily identify and qualify vendors, products, and closely manage the entire selection process.

Year-round measurements with built-in CRM

Destination365 features a unique CRM module that enables sales teams to identify leads, qualify them, and manage customer relationships. Whether they’re active onsite or online, dashboards provide team members with a single comprehensive view of all sales efforts and results. The result: an accurate demonstration of your event’s full ROI.

  • Built for teams and collaboration

  • Project & process-based

  • Discover, meet, and interact year-round for maximum preparedness

  • CRM module for exhibitors

  • Optimized for sales teams

  • User-based & team-based views

A unique suite
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Destination365 is part of a Sherpa's unique suite of solutions, that together uniquely contribute to the success of exhibitors and attendees throughout their journeys. Discover:

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