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Sherpa's core mission is to empower everyone to engage and make valuable connections. Our focus is people's success, and treating everyone we meet with respect is at the core of our values.

We believe that behind every successful company is a team of people who feel challenged, valued, and compensated fairly. We're performance-driven, and we care about our team's satisfaction and fulfillment. Because you give your very best, we provide support for your overall well-being and keep work/life balance in mind.

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The three virtues of a sherpa

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Team player

Great sherpas value the collective good. They demonstrate an alignment towards the team's goals and will step up to attain them. They are self-confident, reliable, and driven to help their team and clients succeed.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
Ken Blanchard

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A sherpa is constantly striving to improve and learn. They are intrinsically motivated and have a desire to continually push for excellence and exceed expectations. A hungry sherpa does not need to be pushed to perform, rather, they are always looking to step up their own game and look for more responsibility.

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There are many different types of intelligence; a true sherpa understands how to take control of a situation when appropriate, and when to defer to the team when they need help. This is a form of emotional intelligence and situational awareness that helps us reach our goals. Only through teamwork and smart thinking can we reach the top.


We want our team to learn, grow and thrive. Our success is thanks to our team of highly motivated professionals. We offer a robust benefits program to engage, motivate, and retain our high performing employee base. Our hiring practices, salaries and benefits are market competitive, and reflect the diversity of our global workforce.

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We offer

  • Career mobility

  • Flexible work environment

  • Work-from-home options

  • Training & development

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Comprehensive health plan and wellness benefits

  • Leaves of absences (maternity, paternity, & adoption)

  • Generous vacation policy

  • Comfortable office in Montreal's trendy Mile-end neighbourhood

  • A culture of respect

  • A commitment to diversity

  • A transparent and honest environment

  • An open communication policy

  • A harassment-free workplace

  • A respect for personal lives and personal time

We're always on the lookout for great talent and opportunities. Even if we did not post a job that fits your profile, do tell us about you and how you envision contributing to our success.