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Sherpa is all about maximizing your event's success, profitability and growth. Our comprehensive set of tools uniquely assists your exhibitors and attendees throughout their journeys. Our solutions generate the industry's most complete body of behavioural, attitudinal and historical data; providing a level of synergy that is a first in our field.

The Sherpa Lab specialists process, analyze, and cross-reference all data to gain a holistic understanding of your event. By cracking your events' DNA code and by fully understanding the mindset of your exhibitors and attendees throughout their journey, the Sherpa Lab generates actionable insights that translate into higher performance, satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Peak Framework: Cracking the DNA code
of your events

Peak Framework harnesses the power of our integrated solutions to crack the DNA code of your events, and helps you continuously improve and boost profits year after year.

The framework is underpinned by a solid and integrated strategy based on decades of experience in the industry. Sherpa's set of methodologies will position your events as the leading destination for years to come, and help you:

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  • Identify exhibitor and attendee interests and goals

  • Define segments and personas

  • Understand the exhibitor and attendee mindsets

  • Maximize exhibitor and attendee results

  • Increase exhibitor retention and attendee loyalty

  • Sell more square footage

  • Improve yield and reduce churn

Smarter floor plans

The design of your floor plans has a powerful influence on everyone's experience, behavior and outcomes. How everyone moves around the venue, interact and transact is directly influenced by the ergonomics of the layout and the environment.

The Sherpa Lab leverages the location and behavioral data generated by Sherpa's Pinpoint to help you design the best floor plans, based on solid data and science.

  • Create a more productive business environment

  • Identify the heaviest traffic areas

  • Forecast and model traffic flows

  • Better manage traffic flow and eliminate bottlenecks

  • Help exhibitors and attendees reach their goals

  • Improve compliance with local Health & Safety Regulations

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Dynamic pricing strategies

Increasing booth space revenue is always a top priority. Equipped with the location and behavioral data generated by Pinpoint, the Sherpa Lab team will help you implement winning dynamic pricing strategies.

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Increase revenue

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Increase sellable space

Multi-device analytics

Predict traffic flows and forecast revenue

Compass research project: understanding
the full impact of the pandemic

Our industry is going through a major upheaval. Figuring out the best path forward is critical. With its ambitious Compass research project, the Sherpa Lab aims to help you make the right decisions by helping you understand:

  • How the pandemic impacts your exhibitors and attendees

  • How their spending habits are changing

  • The need for online and alternate solutions

  • What will be important for attendees at your future events

  • How will the goals of attendees evolve over time

  • How to grow exhibitor and attendee numbers

  • How to increases satisfaction and repeat business

  • How to forecast the importance of future events

Custom research projects

Whether you're looking to better assess exhibitors' and attendees' behaviour or engagement, test the potential of a concept, improve your offer and experience, benchmark your performance or more, the Sherpa Lab team can help you. We can design, conduct and analyze any market research project.

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