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"In partnership with Sherpa, we reached record setting numbers of over 25,000 users and $275,000 in revenue. We couldn't be happier."

Dan Dinsmore, VP Operations - HIMSS Media

"Sherpa is doing what no other mobile vendors do today… no one. With us, the pressure is always on and they really nail it, every time."

Randy Field, Group VP Customer Experience & Operations Technology - Reed Exhibitions US

"I have had a rough road with other mobile app vendors but switched to Sherpa Solutions and they have been wonderful."

Elizabeth Glau, Attendee Experience Manager - ISTE


The Ultimate Mobile Event Platform

Unique. Proven. Innovative.

Since 2010, ActivTouch has been the mobile platform of choice for the largest and most demanding conferences and trade shows. It now sets a new benchmark with its revamped user interface, and delivers a host of industry-first features including: SmartAgenda, SmartReview, What’s Next.

Combined with Sherpa’s new indoor positioning solution, ActivTouch is the ultimate event app.

ActivTouch will play a key role in the success of your events by helping attendees and exhibitors connect online, on the go and on site. With ActivTouch, participants can prepare ahead of the event, stay on track while on site, maximize their time and achieve all their goals.

You, and they, will feel the ripple effects long after the event is over. Not only does ActivTouch deliver the most innovative and comprehensive features, it also offers detailed analytics, easy and seamless integration with other systems, and unparalleled monetization opportunities. Constantly evolving, it is also available as a web portal.

Online. On the go. On site.

Sherpa’s award-winning solutions bring people together online, on the go and on site, and help you take full measure of your success.

Experience your best event ever, every time.


Revolutionary Indoor Positioning System

Navigate. Discover. Connect.

One large venue, thousands of products, tens of thousands of people... and too little time to see it all. That’s why Sherpa developed ActivLocator, a revolutionary indoor positioning solution that helps your participants see more, do more and get more face time with the people who matter.

Combined with the ActivTouch mobile app, attendees can effortlessly achieve all their goals. The interactive map allows users to locate themselves on the show floor, see what’s happening around them, get relevant suggestions and find their next opportunity in a flash.

ActivLocator isn’t just for attendees. Exhibitors, too, can leverage this innovative tool to reach the right people and boost their ROI, making missed opportunities a thing of the past. ActivLocator transmitters can be set up in any venue, bringing people together for their best event ever.

A gateway to a new generation of metrics

With ActivTouch, we can deliver a new generation of metrics that monitor dwell time, unique visitors, traffic flow direction and much more. You'll be able to implement new pricing strategies, boost your booth space revenue and design your most effective floor plan ever.