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We’re proud to announce the launch of our new solutions that are designed to help you bounce back, replace lost revenue, and maximize new opportunities. Together we can make your events more successful than ever before — scroll down for a glimpse at what we have ready for 2021!

Sherpa takes on 2021!

Introducing Unify, Destination365 and Peak Framework, all designed to help your events thrive into 2021 and beyond.

Your events have grown and thrived over the last decade. You’ve perfected your business model, generated sizable revenue, and created vibrant, attractive events that have delivered significant value to all stakeholders. Sherpa was there with you every step of the way.

With over a decade of industry experience, and having worked with 250 major annual events, we’re uniquely positioned to help you get back on the path to growth and reap the rewards.

The recent pivot to virtual events meant settling for stopgap and quick-to-market solutions which have fallen short of expectations and have left everyone grasping for straws.

Let Sherpa be your guide on the journey ahead with our new platforms: Unify and Destination365.

Our solutions

Online & Hybrid Events Platform New

Re-invent your events and maximize opportunities provided by the pivot to online and hybrid events. Unify opens your events to the world and expands your reach by enabling both onsite and online environments to exist harmoniously—allowing more participants to attend, interact and do business on your fully customized platform.

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365 Community, Business Hub & Marketplace New

Your annual event successfully gathers industry movers & shakers for a few days a year. Destination365’s business hubs, communities and marketplaces will enable you to build the premiere destinations where everyone can interact, learn, connect, do business, and generate results — year-round.

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Mobile App

Nomad is where event apps began. Since 2009, Nomad has been the mobile platform of choice for the largest and most demanding conferences and exhibitions worldwide. It plays a key role in the success of your events by helping attendees and exhibitors connect online, on the go and on site.

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Indoor Positioning System

Pinpoint is the only indoor-positioning system designed for deployment in the largest meeting venues. With the Nomad app in hand, everyone can access the interactive map to quickly get turn-by-turn directions, find their way around, easily discover what’s around them, locate the people and opportunities that matter, and get more done.

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Exhibitor Portal

Backpack is a next-generation multi-purpose exhibitor sales and fulfillment platform designed to help you support exhibitors throughout their journey — and gather all the data essential to successful deployment of online and hybrid events.

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Peak Framework

Our Peak Framework program cracks the DNA of your events by amalgamating research, survey results, and diving deep into the highly granular analytics generated by our suite of solutions. It will enable you to make more informed decisions and contribute to maximizing KPI performance by helping you:

Sell more square footage, Improve yield, Increase rates, Identify Most Valuable Attendees, Identify Most Valuable, Exhibitor, Reduce churn, Improve your Net Promoter Score, and more.

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Rebound and reach new heights with Sherpa.

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