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Supporting the exhibitor journey

Carry your exhibitors in Sherpa's Backpack. Getting exhibitors ready for a show can be a daunting task; ensuring guidelines are followed and meeting multiple deadlines is always challenging. Being absorbed by repetitive tasks can also overwhelm your team. Enter Backpack: carrying the load so you can focus on growing your events.

Backpack is a smartly-designed, multi-purpose exhibitor portal that helps you and your team stay on track. This sales & fulfilment platform lets exhibitors perform their daily organizational tasks with ease; allowing more time for everyone to focus on the success of the event.

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Streamlined communication

Backpack centralizes all information your exhibitors needs to stay on track:

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Event logistics

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Interactive checklists

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Fully customizable exhibitor experience

We understand the complex requirements of large-scale events, and therefore designed Backpack to be fully configurable, providing each and every exhibitor with their own customized portal with access to information specific to their booth or sponsorship. A perfect solution for co-located events.

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Complete profile management

Backpack enables exhibitors to edit their profile and manage information such as categories, tags, products, show deals, handouts, show news. Organizing and categorizing this data is crucial for enabling sophisticated AI-driven recommendations and matchmaking.

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Powerful ecommerce engine

Seamlessly promote, sell, and process orders for sponsorship opportunities. Backpack includes an eCommerce solution for all your marketing and sponsorship opportunities. Cart, order management, and asset fulfilment are easy to manage with a smartly-designed UI.

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A unique suite
of solutions

Backpack is part of a Sherpa’s unique suite of solutions, that together uniquely contribute to the success of exhibitors and attendees throughout their journeys. Discover:

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