The virtual & hybrid event platform

The virtual & hybrid event platform

As good as the real thing

Unify is a new type of online event platform designed to recreate and enhance the business and learning environments you worked so hard to create. It’s a unique way for participants to benefit from maximum interaction, and exhibitors the best possible ROI.

Engineered to maximize the untapped potential of virtual events, it will also vastly increase the effectiveness of hybrid ones, while increasing the reach of both.

Your next events will take place in a very different world, one where Unify is ideally suited to lead you back towards growth & profitability.

Unify will become the definitive solution for all your future events.

Everything & everyone under one roof

Online or onsite, exhibitor or attendee, Unify is everyones’ ticket to a first-class experience. Everything possible in live events and even more is possible with Unify. Here’s just a sample of what Unify will let participants do;

  • Discover new products and solutions
  • Connect with current suppliers
  • Watch sessions
  • Participate in breakout sessions
  • Generate and qualify leads
  • Receive personalized recommendations
  • Interact via group messaging and video calls
  • Vote and voice opinions

Expand your reach and grow your revenue

With Unify, the world becomes your oyster. It alone has the potential to unlock and fully demonstrate the value of your events to substantially larger global audiences who no longer face barriers to attendance. Unify will provide an experience that will convince everyone to return, again, and again — and you’ll reap the rewards.

Maximize engagement and ROI

Thanks to Unify’s unique capabilities, exhibitors & attendees alike can identify opportunities, connect, and book appointments long before events begin, ensuring everyone is well prepared to succeed and reach a level of satisfaction never experienced before.

A windfall of analytics & metrics

Unify’s live dashboards will deliver insight and actionable information surrounding all facets of a participants' journey and behavior. Its ability to generate highly detailed, valuable analytics increases over time as users are increasingly compelled to engage with the platform for months at a time. Its potential to do so goes far beyond that of the face-to-face event.

Success by design

A platform as flexible and potent as Unify could only have been designed by Sherpa’s expert team. It goes beyond what needs to be done and focuses on how best to do it — the Sherpa way. Unify alone features a robust, innovative tool-set designed to ensure maximum engagement and revenue generation:

  • AI-powered matchmaking & recommendations
  • Advanced messaging and video conferencing
  • Dedicated spaces for team collaboration
  • CRM module for exhibitors
  • Gated content access
  • Multi-track live streaming
  • Interactive, on-demand content
  • Session moderation
  • Q&A, live polling, and surveys
  • Interactive poster sessions
  • Tiered exhibitor listings
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Channels & tags
  • 1-on-1 meeting scheduling
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Gamification
  • Analytics dashboard

Unify: Where events are going. Come along.

Unify: Where events are going. Come along.

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