Launched in 2014, Pinpoint remains the only indoor-positioning system designed for deployment in the largest meeting venues. Pinpoint boasts an unmatched accuracy to within 6 feet, and works seamlessly on multiple floors and buildings.

Pinpoint plots the location of all users in real-time and provides you with live heat-maps and metrics that detail participants' position, dwell time, and behavior to help you:

  • Identify the heaviest traffic areas and maximize booth space revenue
  • Implement dynamic pricing strategies
  • Increase the security of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay within health guidelines

Combined with Nomad’s interactive map, users can quickly find their way around, get more done, easily discover what’s around them, and meet face-to-face with the people who matter more safely.

Key Features:

Combined with Nomad, Pinpoint assists participants like never before:

  • Precise location:
    Precisely displays user’s location within 6 feet of accuracy anywhere in the venue.
  • Wayfinding:
    Provides users with precise directions to booths, products and areas of interest. No more getting lost.
  • SmartRoute:
    Guides attendees step-by-step through the fastest route to a pre-selected list of booths.
  • Suggestions:
    Shows users what’s happening around them in real time so they can find their next opportunity in a flash.
  • People Finder:
    Helps attendees and exhibitors locate other key participants for more face-to-face time.

    Furthermore, Pinpoint logs the location of all users in real time and provides you with the ultimate set of metrics and full insight into your participants' location, dwell time and behavior, to help you:

  • Create prime sponsorship opportunities: indoor positioning helps you offer more visibility to exhibitors and partners.
  • Expand your exhibitor-base: clear metrics will make it easier to attract new exhibitors.
  • Up-sell existing exhibitors: show exhibitors they are ill-equipped to handle the volume of opportunities the event generates.
  • Implement dynamic pricing strategies.
  • Identify heaviest traffic areas and maximize booth space revenue.
  • Reduce churn.

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