Peak Framework

It’s all about the journey

Sherpa is proud to introduce Peak Framework, an ambitious project launched in the midst of the pandemic that aims to crack the DNA of your events.

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on your organization in 2020 and will continue to affect it throughout 2021 and beyond. It’s no time for guesswork. Sherpa’s Peak Framework will let you regain lost ground and return to an even greater profitability.

Everything we’ve learned from the deployment of our many successful platforms over the course of a decade+ has revealed what exhibitors and participants need, and expect. The same knowledge has put us in the unique position of being able to understand their journey and best help them maximize success and engender loyalty. All of which means repeat business, and profit.

Peak Framework cracks the DNA of your events by amalgamating research, survey results, and diving deep into the highly granular analytics generated by our suite of solutions. It will contribute to maximizing KPI performance by helping you;

  • Sell more square footage
  • Improve yield
  • Increase rates
  • Identify Most Valuable Attendees
  • Identify Most Valuable Exhibitor
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve your Net Promoter Score

The new year promises to bring many more exciting announcements. Sherpa is actively recruiting organizations for participation in the first phases of Peak Framework’s roll-out. Your contribution will help us tailor it more precisely to your needs and expectations.

Rebound and reach new heights with Sherpa.

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